At ReNu Hygienics, we produce hygiene products from recycled soap bars using a 100% sustainable production process

We believe everyone deserves clean

In Canada, hotels discard over 181 million bars of soap annually. This translates to a carbon footprint of about 26,000 tons of CO2. Meanwhile over 700,000 Canadians rely on donated soap to stay clean. We solve both problems by recycling used soap bars and matching our sales in soap donations to families in need.   

Our Story

Paying it forward

Who we donate to


"Just got my first ReNu Hygienics order. Not only did it arrive super fast, but the soaps are lovely! So far I have used the Vitamin Clean soap, and holy heck it is moisturizing! It honestly seems more moisturizing than any other soap (liquid and bar soap). Buying from them is a win-win-win. The community wins by getting soap donated to those in need, the environment wins by having less waste, and the consumer wins by getting a great soap experience. 100% recommend."

- Susan H.


"As a mother of 7, finding quality soap that is affordable is quite the challenge. I was super happy to discover ReNu Hygienics. My favourite bar is Vitamin Clean - it's incredibly moisturizing, soft on the hands, and the scent is simply amazing! My family loves it!"

- Irene L.


"I don’t mind spending a premium for quality soap. I couldn’t believe that this soap bar is recycled, wow! You should offer a subscription service."

- Saba M.


"ReNu Hygienics is a great product. As a student, I am always looking for local, 

sustainable products without breaking the bank. I never realized how wasteful 

the hospitality industry industry is. Will buy again for sure!"

- Yael K.


"I love the design of the bars, the minimalist packaging, and the ingredient cards. I personally get irritated with so much wasteful packaging. When you multiply it by 8 billion people, it is not sustainable. I think you are doing everything here so perfectly."

- Joe Fayt


Building with no unnecessary harm

We endeavour to build quality products while causing no unnecessary harm to the planet or its inhabitants by:

(i) designing and fabricating the highest quality products as defined by durability and non-obsolescence; (ii) designing and fabricating products that are made from recycled materials; (iii) designing and fabricating products with minimal impacts throughout the supply chain; and (iv) partnering with customers to take mutual responsibility for the life cycle of our products, including recycling.

Operating with no unnecessary harm

We conduct our operations in a manner causing no unnecessary harm by continually seeking to reduce the environmental footprint and impact of our operations in water use, water quality, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, chemical waste, toxicity, and waste.