The Clean Team


Parker Easter is the Co-Founder and CEO of ReNu Hygienics. A law student at the University of Calgary, he enjoys the small things in life such as the lather of a good soap, the bond between a person and their dog, and the power of a great "cheers." An activist and dynamo, he believes there is much room for both in this world. He can often be found interrupting a quiet restaurant giving long and emotional toasts recognizing his peers and mentors surrounding him. 


Silas Lee is the Co-Founder and CMO of ReNu Hygienics and a JD/MBA student in Toronto, ON. As the child of immigrants, he developed his interest in social entrepreneurship from a young age and is one of seven children. In his spare time, he finds himself wandering the city gazing at urban architecture, exploring new restaurants, and looking for peonies in gardens. His friends describe him as a nice person until he engages in a game of Spikeball.


Katherine Hunt is the product development lead at ReNu Hygienics. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Science at Brandon University with a major in biomedical sciences and minors in chemistry and psychology. Her participation in research at school has allowed her to aid the ReNu team with product development.

Katherine appreciates working with our ambitious team to learn new skills and help our community in the process. She believes our model provides an outlet to improve the local economy, socially impact those in need, and, importantly, produce an environmentally sustainable product. Her favourite pastimes include giving back and supporting local gems in Brandon, including coffee spots, restaurants, and shops. 


Glenn Jason is a lifelong Brandonite and our head honcho of soap making. Glenn was raised in Brandon's East end where he has fond memories of the neighbourhood shenanigans. He is a jack of all trades - a maestro with his hands if you will. With a wealth of experience in carpentry, window installation, and project management, he plays a considerable role in developing and executing our production line.

Glenn is the proud father of three daughters and grandfather of four young ones. What draws Glenn to ReNu is the opportunity to work alongside youthful and passionate team members while giving back to his city in a meaningful way.


Harald Grove is currently completing his Master of Science program at Brandon University. His roots are grounded in Manitoba's parkland area. He enjoyed the peace and serenity of the area's nature while taking pride in raising grain on his family's farm. His passion has always been finding new ways of doing things that ultimately improve people's health and well-being and conserving the environment (basically why he joined Team ReNu). He loves skiing, kayaking, gardening, dogs, and the comfort of his morning coffee!


Olivia Erickson is our newest product development intern at ReNu Hygienics. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Science at Brandon University with a major in biomedical sciences and a minor in chemistry. Olivia is excited to be part of the ReNu team as she appreciates the company's goals of creating diverse ecologically sustainable products for everyone, recognizing that the accessibility to hygiene is a privilege. In Olivia’s pastime, she enjoys getting involved in her community through her volunteer work as well as spending time working on her art and hiking with her friends.