Hotel Heroes

Hotel Heroes is a program where you make a small contribution to ReNu Hygienics to collect the used single-use soap bars from your hotel.

In return, we provide you with marketing materials and social media exposure highlighting your corporate social responsibility in reducing the waste produced by the hotel industry. Each hotel room enrolled provides seven individuals with hygiene access for a whole year and diverts about 22 pounds of waste.

If you are committed to reducing landfills and helping the less fortunate in your community stay clean, this program is perfect for you! We want to show off your fantastic work - the world needs to know you exist. Your contribution allows us to continue to our mission of greener hotel stays and a world where no one is unable to stay clean. For as low as $6 per room for a whole year, everyone will know the part you play in this ambition. Yes, it’s a clear win-win partnership and a no-brainer.

We can’t do this alone and we need your involvement. Together, we can make a positive change that grows!

Explore our Hotel Heroes Handbook and contact us today to join!