Do you ship across Canada?

We offer flat rate shipping to any province and territory in Canada. In addition, we are now shipping to the U.S. Subscribe to our mailing list for updates as we work towards other international locations! 

Is it safe to use recycled used soap?

Our products meet all health and safety requirements under law. Upon collection, we thoroughly cleanse, disinfect, and strip the outer layer of each used soap bar before the upcycling process.

Who are your suppliers?

We collect used soap bars from hotels and Airbnbs. If you are interested in donating soap bars or joining our Hotel Heroes program, contact us today. 

Naked packaging? 

We stay true to our brand by distributing our products with no packaging - completely naked. We triple down on this commitment when we ship our products - our product labels are printed on 100% recycled paper and we ship only using second-hand boxes.

Where are you located?

We are based in Brandon, Manitoba. All ingredients, materials, and talent are sourced locally. 

To whom do you donate?

Over the last year, we have donated to the Samaritan House Ministries, Bear Clan Patrol, and Women's Resource Centre in Brandon, Manitoba.

Are your products available in stores?

Our products can be found in select retailers in Manitoba. We are currently working on expanding our retail presence across Canada.