Our Story

In 2018, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a report citing that humanity had 12 years to make a change or face indefinite consequences with global warming. While this report rippled reactions of hysteria, it sparked the desire to take action in many.

20-year-old Parker Easter glues himself to the drawing board, beginning with a reflection on a May trip to Toronto. On that trip for the Enactus Canada’s National Exposition, he had his bottle of shampoo and hair gel confiscated by the TSA. Irritated by the idea of having to repurchase the two, he was also in awe of the waste. This realization was further ingrained in him when his hotel replenished soap bars and other hygiene products daily despite being only lightly used.

As incoming president for Enactus Brandon, he knew exactly what he wanted his team to accomplish: reduce waste associated with hotel stays. From his research, he discovered that hotels in Canada discard over 181M bars of soap per year. The kicker? About 700,000 Canadians rely on donated soap – being unable to afford it on their own. A lot of people need soap, yet we throw soap into landfills aimlessly.

From this shocking reality, ReNu Hygienics was born. ReNu Hygienics is a sustainable soap and wellness company dedicated to reducing the waste associated with hotel stays and increasing hygiene access. We partner with hotels and Airbnb hosts to divert their gently used soap and shampoo products from the landfill by giving them a second, more meaningful life. We collect, filter, and disinfect the materials and then "upcycle" using quality ingredients to create beautiful, brand-new soap products. From here, we distribute on a one-for-one model: for every bar of soap we sell, we donate one to a local family or individual in need.

After 1.5 years of trial and error, feverish investor pitches, and some waste saved, success was found. In 2020, Silas Lee, a Brandon University alumnus, takes notice of the project. His desire to push for sustainable consumption led him to join the team and help lead the project beyond the parameters of Enactus.

On June 1, 2020, ReNu Hygienics incorporates with two objectives: improve hygiene access and preserve the planet. Our business model is founded on the triple bottom line. Economically, we generate profits and drive the economy. Socially, we increase hygiene access for the less fortunate. Environmentally, we produce hygiene products using a 100% sustainable production process.

We believe that #EveryoneDeservesClean without compromise.